16 May

What the Suitable Types of Wedding Planner do you need?

Today, you may look professional wedding planner are available with a different skill set. It means, not all design service handled by planners and there is not all logistic handled by the event designers. They have different oriented, some in vision and the other only in schedule and production.

Knowing the wedding planner type help you decide what you need. This is reasons why you should know what the type of wedding planner before visiting them. Remember, this kind of term is not consistently, change appropriate the wedding planner terms, nonetheless, it helped you add an idea about service in your wedding.

Full-service planner

What the Suitable Types of Wedding Planner do you need 3

In line with it named, full-service planner is a wedding planner who handles all you need both coordinating and design. Full-service planner is a great planner for couple who need a professional guide to organize the complex wedding event.

Event designer

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If you are looking for the wedding planner who focuses only in overall look rather than the myriad organizing detail, you need to choose event designer. The event designer only focuses on overall look and they never think about budget or timeline.

But, it possible for them to work with many vendors including invitation, bakers and florist. Their goal is bringing the guest to feel the taste and style that you dreamed. Actually because the event designer only focuses on the overall look, avoid him to handle the logistics or wedding organization.

This is the perfect wedding planner for the couple who knows how to coordinating and organizing all the vendors and events, but they need someone to organize the overall look.

Day-of Coordinator

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Day-of coordinator is a wedding planner type who helps you ensure your wedding runs smoothly and they don’t really involve beforehand. They are ready handled all setup and vendor in your wedding. This is suitable for couple who can manage and handling all of the organization and contract, but they need someone who ensures your planned running well in before and at the day.

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