16 May

7 Tips to Make You Look Taller

All people around the world were not born with perfect condition of their body. Some of them are not gifted with long legs. However, there are actually few tips to change the perception of your look.

In addition, there are 7 tips to make you look taller. Women and men are allowed to follow these tips. Let’s find out !

Shoe color

If you want to apply a litlle bit impression on your fashion style, shoe color will change the way you look. If you wear skirts, be sure you have matched the shoe color with your color skin. It will give you another look beside makes you look taller.


Actually petite women should manage their sleeve carefully. Check your sleeves and fit it up to your wrist. The lengthened sleeves drive people to not looking at your shoulder and wrist. It will promote a taller look.


Stripes is a simple term. Vertical lines help you look taller, while the horizontal make you look wider. So, if you want to look taller, use the vertical one. It will add up few inches illusion to your height.


Generally, it will be so good for petite women to have short hair as long as above their shoulder. It will make your neck look scaffold that will affect your height look.


Heels is a must have item women usually love. By wearing a heel, women are able to look taller since the heels were made in few inches.

Neck line

Choose the V-neck to make your neck look ladder. Avoid wearing round necks if you don’t want to look shorter.


For all of petite woman, fitted clothing will promote their frame. It will be different if they are using baggy as her pants. This kind of clothing will highlight the overall height and heavier look.

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